Hi everyone!

It’s been a few months since I last posted on my blog. It was definitely something I didn’t see coming, but I believe the break helped.

In the last update I posted, I announced that I was working on an author’s website. While I did get things started as far as building the site, it never launched, which I will further explain.

If you’ve followed me from the very beginning of this blog (circa 2013), you will know that I’m a fiction writer who wants to be a published author. I’ve gone back and forth through the years on whether I should self publish or go the traditional route, and though I believe there’s tremendous value in both routes, given my resources and reach, I realized that traditional publishing is the road I should take for my current fiction (contemporary women’s with Christian and fantasy elements).

Will I ever consider self publishing? Absolutely!

So far I’ve written seven stories, some being young adult. If I am fortunate to establish myself as an author with a following, I would love to self publish those stories.

But regarding my author’s website, since the fall 2017, I planned to self publish one of my young adult stories. After a lot research, including hearing advice from other self published authors, I realized that this venture would take a lot of money to get off the road, which I didn’t really have since I was in and out of work as a contracted employee.

Nevertheless, in May I planned to return to my contracted employment but when that fell through, realized I had to make some career changes. I started freelance writing and getting back into my creative interests. I’ve decided, while editing my story for agenting, to pursue my other interest in digital art and elements.

I plan to distribute my work on sales platforms, as well as a personal website. For those who find this of interest or value to them, I will announce when that’s up and running.

What does this all mean for Writer’s Bounty? What can you find here?

I plan to start posting regularly in January after work with my story and graphics have settled down. As far as content, I still love writing inspiring poetry and quotes, as well as sharing book reviews of stories I think others will enjoy, so those things will continue. I also intend to give this blog some visual updates so stay tuned.

Thank you all for supporting this blog. I hope as you’ve supported this blog, my work has brought value to you. That will always be my goal 🙂




Change/An Update


I was told, change is good
So to avoid it, I never should
I was told, change is inevitable
It is the only way to truly grow
So change, I will say
I’m letting go of the past, yesterday
So change, come my way
I will welcome what is to be
In future days
No change, I won’t fear
No change, I won’t shed a tear
Cause change is what we must eventually face
In order to see a better day…

It’s been very long since I posted an update on myself or anything related to my writing goals. If you read my author bio, one thing you will know is that I’m a writer who wants to be a published author.

For some time—a few years, I’ve stalled in achieving that goal. I guess working and paying debts became an unfortunate distraction. However, in my dissatisfaction with life, and realizing I was never going to be content spending most of my time away from writing, my dream was renewed. I started following writers and indie authors, reading their stories and discovering how they were able to get back to doing what mattered to them—writing.

So in the past year, I jumped back into my writing. I’ve attended conferences, joined a writer’s group, read more about the industry from self publishing to traditional publishing, and many other things. I decided I was going to pursue a career as a hybrid author, self publishing and traditional publishing. Currently, I’m working on an author’s website.

My author’s website will primarily focus on my stories, the novels I seek to share, but also valuable and helpful information for writers wanting to be authors. That will include recommendations for book cover designers and book formatters, different types of editors and determining which one is best for your story, why I believe every writer should self publish even if they seek traditional publishing, and more.

What will happen to this blog?

Nothing! I will still post my poetry and book reviews, as well as updates and other relevant information. But if you’re interested in learning more about my stories, I will have an author website up in the coming months, which I will announce here in a future post.

Thank you all for your support and sticking around. I look forward to sharing my work with you, hopefully, inspiring you to press forward with your goals and dreams as well ☺

Guest Post For Wide Open Writing


Hi everyone 🙂

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest writer for Wide Open Writing, an awesome place that supports writers on their specific goals, by connecting them to resources and others who share their vision. They offer online courses, virtual writing groups, retreats, and so much more that I would like to participate in the future.

Nevertheless, they also run a blog, featuring posts from writers sharing helpful advice or discussing specific writing projects and goals. I really can’t say enough, so I encourage everyone to check out their website to see what I mean.

My post featured is on finding success as a published writer. I wrote this originally a few years ago, but it has since been updated to reflect how I currently feel. I mention four major things that I think are essential to finding and keeping success, whatever success means to you in terms of your writing. But ultimately, I point out what is truly important in being a successful writer and why that must be the foundation in order for success to be possible. I think for those of us who write, we already know what that is.

Here’s the link to the guest post: Finding Success As A Published Writer

Shadow Of The Storm: An Excerpt


Hi friends,

I’ve come to the end of this book and I have to say that it is really one that has been the most meaningful to me out of all the books I’ve read recently, if not ever. For those of you who are looking for your next book to read, specifically one that offers encouragement as well as intrigue, I want to share a link to where you can read a substantial except of this book. I will also be posting a book review on Monday, so stay tune 🙂

Shadow Of The Storm Excerpt

New Year Update

dots wash

I want to wish everyone a happy new year (a month late, I know :)). I hope everything is going well and everyone’s new year goals are still running strong.

I want to post yet another update on how things have been for myself. As many may know, on my last update I mentioned how my posting would be sporadic as I focus on immediate things, such as finding employment. Luckily I now have employment for the winter, which I started in December. I may not have talked about this before, but most of my employment for the past 2.5 years have been seasonal. Since leaving school, I found little to no success securing permanent employment, at least permanent employment that can provide a living wage. But nevertheless, seasonal jobs have worked out for me and I will most likely stick with them.

With this said, this has also prompted me to consider self employment. Although my first joy is writing, I know in terms of making income with it, now is not the right time. So my focus has also been on my other creative pursuits. Slowly I am working on that and even though that is unrelated to writing, I will share with you what that is when it gets off the road.

Lastly, what does this mean for Writer’s Bounty and how it will be in 2016?

Sporadic, yet again. Between work and trying to establish self employment, I won’t be able to devote as much time writing. But as a writer knows, writing happens anytime when inspiration hits, so when that happens, I will be sure to share my newest work. However, I will continue to post more from my poetry book monthly and book reviews as they come to be. I will definitely not be completely away from the WordPress community and will be reading blog posts weekly.

Thank you always for being a reader and supporter of Writer’s Bounty. You give value to my words.

New Poetry Ebook!


For those of you who are interested in purchasing my poetry book but prefer it as a ebook, I’m excited to say that I now have an ebook version available at Amazon.com!

More good news is the ebook is $2.99—much cheaper than the other versions.

The ebook features:

40 lyrical poems
Commentary on each poem at the beginning of each section
8 black and white photos
Interactive table of contents

Below is the link to view and purchase the book. For more information and to see the other versions available, check out the Books tab on this blog.

The Beginning… (Ebook Version)

Posting Update


I know my posting has been quite irregular this month (and really since the summer), but the reason for this has been me getting used to working full time and now not working but having to look for employment (once again). This especially, has taken my concentration away from writing and of course, posting.

So with this said, my posting will continue to be irregular for the rest of the year I predict. I will continue to read and comment on blogs, which I love to do, but I will not post as much during this time, as I try to secure employment and get my life in balance.

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be releasing poetry from my book and new poems, as well as updates, when I can. I hope and plan to definitely begin posting regularly by next year or who knows, maybe by the end of this year.

Thank you all again and again for reading and supporting my blog 🙂 🙂 🙂