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I write. Therefore I’m a writer. I wish I had realized that a long time ago, then I wouldn’t have wasted many years going round and round in my own town, trying to establish an identity in something other than writing. Which I should have known would only end up in failure because we can only be what we really are—what we are passionate about. We can only do what we love to do—what gives us joy, however great or small, each day. We can’t lie to ourselves about it, because if we do, eventually things are going to fall apart.

So, although I’m not a published writer, selling millions to make a living—selling at all in fact, I’m still a writer. When people ask what I do for a living—what is my job, I will tell them that I write, and I’m a writer. Because that is what I am and was meant to be.

To not be a bore with my life story and such, I’ll sum up where I am now and where I want to be. Currently I want to publish 3 fiction stories that have been on the back burner for a few years—waiting, while I wandered around trying to find my identity in the wrong places. I intend to publish my stories and poetry. I’ll keep you posted on my progress…

Thank you for reading this and visiting my blog–it is extremely appreciated 🙂

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  1. Hi, thank you for the follow! Please be aware that my blog is a bilingual one. So you may get links to some poems in English as well as to some in Italian… Pictures, on the other hand, have no language barriers 😉
    Keep up the good work.

    • barn7777

       /  January 22, 2014

      Thank you Anna for letting me know and you’re right pictures are universal!

  2. Hi,

    Keep up the good writing! Follow your passions! And thank-you for the constant support of my site.

    Sincerely Jody

  3. Nice to “meet” you and thanks for the follow and re-tweet! I also have 3 works that I would consider novels that are complete. But lately I’ve been feeling that my novels will never be complete haha! The first two need a major re-looking and the current is on it’s umpteenth redraft and about to go to an editor. Ahhh a writer’s job is never done! But we love what we do, right? And I want a finished product I can be super proud of! Looking forward to seeing your works!

    • barn7777

       /  April 24, 2014

      I completely agree with you! That is one thing I struggle with as a writer–it seems like the easy part is writing the initial story and the real work is in the editing. But also like you, I want to solid product. Thank you for the comment and I too, look forward to reading your work 🙂

  4. mzpresser

     /  July 27, 2014

    Looking forward to reading your blog, God bless!

  5. Love the quotes and your poetry! Thanks for stopping by my site and all the likes. I look forward to reading more of your work. 🙂

    • Crystal Barnes

       /  September 4, 2014

      Thank you as well for your support! I enjoy reading your posts and I’m glad to have found your site!

  6. I really enjoyed your writing. Keep it up!

  7. percetakanexpres

     /  May 1, 2015

    Thank you very much 🙂
    Have liked his

  8. Thank you for showing interest in what I put out. I sincerely hope you continue to find my posts entertaining & pleasurable. Be safe.

  9. I really like ur thoughts, “we can only be what we really are—what we are passionate about ” that line hit my heart
    Because I m passing from same situation. God bless you

    • Thank you harpreetmakkar for your comment–I’m glad you agree with the statement, it is very true. God Bless as well 🙂

  10. Your about page is full of heartfelt reflection and I enjoyed reading it. I love that you have clear goals for publishing your work. I think that dreams come true when you make a public declaration and keep taking action. I am cheering for you and look forward to following your progress.

    • Thank you Ali 🙂 Your words mean a lot to me and yes, I will post updates on my progress and hope to keep inspiring and connecting with others as I move forward!


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