I’m Tired

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I’m Tired

A man lost his job
I’m tired
Been trying to find one for years
Now I’m uninspired

She might leave him today
I’m tired
There’s nothing more he can say
Why bother

A woman filed bankruptcy
I’m tired
Thought college was gonna set her free
Now she doesn’t know who she wants to be

No more mom and dad she has
I’m tired
Gone are days when she could laugh and play
In a world full of mystery

There’s talk about another war
I’m done
Don’t understand anything anymore
Still waiting for that utopian door

Been waiting to live for ten years
I can’t no more
I’ve cried all my tears
Now I have nothing left to fear

I’m done
Hearing it all
I’m tired
Of absorbing the falls

Oh, I’m tired
I’m in need of a revival
When life’s no longer about survival

© C A Barnes


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