Hi everyone!

It’s been a few months since I last posted on my blog. It was definitely something I didn’t see coming, but I believe the break helped.

In the last update I posted, I announced that I was working on an author’s website. While I did get things started as far as building the site, it never launched, which I will further explain.

If you’ve followed me from the very beginning of this blog (circa 2013), you will know that I’m a fiction writer who wants to be a published author. I’ve gone back and forth through the years on whether I should self publish or go the traditional route, and though I believe there’s tremendous value in both routes, given my resources and reach, I realized that traditional publishing is the road I should take for my current fiction (contemporary women’s with Christian and fantasy elements).

Will I ever consider self publishing? Absolutely!

So far I’ve written seven stories, some being young adult. If I am fortunate to establish myself as an author with a following, I would love to self publish those stories.

But regarding my author’s website, since the fall 2017, I planned to self publish one of my young adult stories. After a lot research, including hearing advice from other self published authors, I realized that this venture would take a lot of money to get off the road, which I didn’t really have since I was in and out of work as a contracted employee.

Nevertheless, in May I planned to return to my contracted employment but when that fell through, realized I had to make some career changes. I started freelance writing and getting back into my creative interests. I’ve decided, while editing my story for agenting, to pursue my other interest in digital art and elements.

I plan to distribute my work on sales platforms, as well as a personal website. For those who find this of interest or value to them, I will announce when that’s up and running.

What does this all mean for Writer’s Bounty? What can you find here?

I plan to start posting regularly in January after work with my story and graphics have settled down. As far as content, I still love writing inspiring poetry and quotes, as well as sharing book reviews of stories I think others will enjoy, so those things will continue. I also intend to give this blog some visual updates so stay tuned.

Thank you all for supporting this blog. I hope as you’ve supported this blog, my work has brought value to you. That will always be my goal 🙂




3 thoughts on “Update!

  1. It’s nice to see you around the blogosphere, Crystal. I look forward to your new website and I look forward to your future posts. God bless and take care.

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