I Didn’t Know

blue twigs

I Didn’t Know

I didn’t know, I just listened
Only to the world
That swallowed me whole
I didn’t know, how to think
Only to believe
In what could be seen

But even what I saw
Were all allusions
Glittering delusions
Filled with confusion
That drowned me
To the abysmal sea
Where I couldn’t breathe

I didn’t know, I just listened
I followed fear
It pulled me to the night
It kept me caged for a decade of my life
I found comfort in the trinkets
In the glossy lies
They occupied my mind
As I found myself within their tide

I didn’t know
I didn’t know
What I was doing
Where I was choosing
To go
I almost gave up my soul
But in time, I saw His light
And reclaimed my life

©2018 CAB


11 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know

  1. Crystal, this must be my absolute favorite! I love the last stanza! It’s so raw and honest. Keep up the wonderful writing.

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