He’s Lost

watercolor ropes

He’s Lost

He’s lost, he’s lost
He doesn’t know the seeds he sows
He thinks he’s fine, he thinks he’s right
But he doesn’t know
He lives in the night

Oh what’s it going to take
Oh what’s got to be lost
Oh what’s got to go
Before he can flee
Before he can grow

He’s lost, he’s so lost
A victim of his world, which into he has bought
He knows not what he do
He thinks in the end, he’ll win
But he’s setting himself up to lose

Oh if I could reach him now
Oh if I could do it somehow
Make him want to hear
Make him want to see
The reality, waiting to be
If he doesn’t flee
If he doesn’t flee
Oh if he doesn’t flee
He’ll never be free

©2017 C.A. Barnes

3 thoughts on “He’s Lost

    1. Thank you–I wrote this thinking about how easy it can be to get lost in the ways of the world. I’m glad you saw it as powerful as that was my intent 🙂

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