turtle pop2


I’m slow, yes I know
I’m a turtle
Always late in every way
You’d think I’d be ashamed
But it’s too hard to explain
I’m okay
And life is great
Being a turtle

I don’t need to be there
By a certain time
I don’t need milestones to reach
At certain ages in life
I don’t care what they do
When or how
Cause I like how things have went
For me and somehow
Life as a turtle sets me free

There’ll be no bucket lists for me
Causing so much anxiety
To have this, to have that
To accomplish things
In no time flat
Oh I don’t care what they say
I love my life, it’s really great
I don’t want for many things
But to live a life of simplicity

There’s no hurdles
In a life of a turtle
So I’m not changing
I’m a turtle
And I’m very glad

© 2017 C.A. Barnes

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