You’re Not Free



You’re Not Free

I’m trying to come out
But I’m a prisoner of this dictator
Called doubt
And it won’t
And it won’t
Even let me shout

I met it many years ago
After this monster called failure
Stoled my soul
Then I was
Then I was
No longer whole

It told constant lies to me everyday
Keep staying down
Over here, you’ll be safe
And it never
And it never
Went away…

Until one day
I heard the voice of a dove
It sounded grand
It sounded like love
You’re not free
This great voice said to me
You’re not free
Look at your reality

Don’t submit
Don’t succumb
You were meant to live in life, in love
You can fight
You can fight
Start tonight

You can fight
Yes, that’s right
Don’t let failure
Don’t let doubt
Keep the light out
You are strong
You can beat them
You can win
Find you’re strength within

©2016 C.A. Barnes

3 thoughts on “You’re Not Free

    1. I agree 100%. We can be are worse enemies by just our thoughts alone. We need to hold on to positivity such as strength, instead of the negativity. Thank you always for your response!

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