You’re Free

I said
It’s time to go
I said
It’s the end
Of the show
No more yes to them
It’s no
I said
The tides have turn
Be bold

He said
Strange are you
You see
He said
It’s cool to be different
It’s strength, not weak
He said
What are you waiting for
Can’t you see that
Open door
Don’t hesitate
Go through
Don’t wait…

She said
See it wasn’t so bad
She said
You did it, aren’t you glad
She said
You came back
I knew this would be
She said
One can’t live long
In mediocrity
She said
Don’t feel guilty to smile
She said
You haven’t known joy
For a while

They said
Do what you please
They said
Cause now
You’re free

© 2016 C.A. Barnes

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