Monthly Update: April

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I don’t think I’ve written a post in regards to what I’m doing in the world of creative writing. I blog weekly, but that’s not all. I mentioned through commenting on others’ posts that I’ve been editing 3 of my stories. For those who may be interested, I decided to include monthly updates on my activities.

This month:

  • I completed my last round of editing for my stories. I do intend to have them professionally edited, but I want to get them to a level where they aren’t full of obvious errors and inconsistencies.
  • I started writing the sequel to one of my stories. I didn’t get far with it—only 1 ½ chapters are written currently.
  • I continued to read and blog regularly
  • I finally put together a poetry/photo book…

I say finally because this is something I wanted to do since last summer. I initially started to compile what I believe are my best poems, as well as photos. However as autumn arrived and I started working, I put the project on hold. With the encouragement of fellow bloggers on WordPress, I returned to this project and finally completed it.

Truthfully, this is not my first collection of published poetry. When I first started blogging in 2012 (through Weebly), I created 2 poetry books on CreateSpace. After a few months, I decided to take them down because I felt it was best to share those poems on my blog. But also because none of them sold—primarily because I never marketed them.

However, I knew that eventually I would like to create a poetry book of some sort, because not only do I feel that there is value in poetry and therefore can be sold, but I wanted to create a collection of poetry and photos that could be displayed and referred to when one needed encouragement or to hear some positive words.

I plan to release this collection next week or the following week. More details will come 🙂

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