Every Writer Has A Beginning–Seraphine’s Escape


Every writer has a beginning. When they first pen story, poem, anything. When they first identified themself as a writer. To be honest, the very first work I can remember writing was when I was 9 years old. I wrote a picture book story about a cat named Dinah for a class assignment. That’s all I know about that story—I don’t know what it was about. But I remember being excited to put it together, from drawing the pictures to writing the words. And after that story, I never wrote another creative writing piece until college. I don’t know why. I don’t know why I had to be prompted to write creatively, which I supposedly enjoyed a lot. So this short story, which I will divide and post in chapters, was the first creative writing piece that I wrote on my own. Without being encouraged by anyone.

The purpose of creating this story was to share it with the Sims online community. For those who aren’t familiar with the Sims, it’s a PC game that first came out in the 2000s. It’s a life simulation game where you can create people, families, and communities to pretty much live out their lives from generation to generation. When I first started playing the game, I was highly addicted to it. I loved designing homes and environments and watching my characters achieve goals and move up in life. Maybe a part of me was living vicariously through them.

The Sims website had an area where players could upload created content, such as stories. These stories were photo snapshot stories where players captured scenes in the game and created a slide show “book” with text caption underneath. I remember reading a lot of interesting stories.

Through reading many stories and being an avid fan of the game, I decided to write the story, Seraphine’s Escape. It’s not an original story. It’s heavily inspired by Cinderella and The Wizard Of Oz—two favorites of mine. If you read the entire story, you will see these influences easily. But when I wrote this story, it wasn’t my intent to focus on the story too much, but to create a simple story that I could easily create and capture scenes for.

In the end, I never completed the scenes and therefore never shared the story with the Sims online community. So I’m sharing it now, without the scenes of course. Not only do I want to share this story because I initially intended to, but I want to share my early work—where I started. As I read this story, I know how far I’ve come, and it sounds quite elementary, but I still find it as an enjoyable read. I hope others will too. Who knows, maybe one day, I will become good at graphics and create the scenes. We’ll see 🙂


Chapter One—Too Many Problems, Not Enough Breaks

Seraphine was 20 years old when she decided to move out. She felt it was about time. She wasn’t going to school and was living with her mother and 4 siblings in a 2 bedroom apartment. She had no excuses to stay.
Seraphine had always been poor. She grew up in an impoverished family. Somehow she felt by leaving she could change her future. She wanted to leave that life for good.

Her first home, which was actually a one bedroom house, was very cheap and in bad shape. Most of the appliances were old and no good. Even though she took out a loan to get the house, she saw it as a good investment.

As the months passed by, Seraphine found that her job as a waitress was not helping with the bills. With all the repairs and replacements, she soon found herself taking out more loans than she could handle.

And to top it off, she wasn’t improving in her job or getting any raises or promotions. Seraphine started to think that she was destined to be poor.

Soon everyday became a nightmare. Working days and nights and still owing so much, she felt that everyone was demanding her time. Even her friends ignored her completely because she had no time for them. Her mother and siblings became angry because she stopped visiting. Everyone was depending on her and she couldn’t depend on herself…


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