Troubled Mind

watercolor ropes

Troubled Mind

Troubled mind
Too bad it’s such a struggle
To leave you behind
I tried to run
I tried to escape
I tried to hide
I tried everything
To get away from you
But I guess some things
Are simply hard to do

Troubled mind
I can’t let you win
I can’t let you take over
My spirit, my soul within
I know you will only spin
Everything out of control
Tear me to pieces
Until I can never be whole
So I must never cease
My battle with you
I must never give up
Cause one day you’ll lose

Troubled mind
There’s no place for you
Just go
Just go
Just go
Just go

© 2015 C.A. Barnes

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  1. Great post yet again, keep up the captivating work!

  2. A brilliant piece, certainly know the feeling of this some days!


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