How We Grow

rushing flowers

How We Grow

I thought I’ve seen it all
In the season of solitude
I was in search of gratitude
But I should have known the truth

I came face to face with reality
In a sea of obscurity
I tried to avoid humility
But that was impossible, never easy

I settled to accept a place
A world filled with anonymity
Finding out all the facts
Took some time to get through, and react

I believed I was reaching ground
All my fears were almost found
But soon I found myself crashing
Crashing down…

Storms quickly came in
The winds were so strong
I knew I couldn’t win
I was lost in every direction
But it was faith
That gave me a connection

I survived
Still alive
The storms died down
With much to subside
Though debris was left
At least recovery was next
Now I know
How we grow

© 2005 C.A. Barnes

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