Finding Success As A Writer: Part 3

misty swamp

***If you haven’t read my previous post to this topic, Click Here.

“A Writer Must Take Risks And Humble Themselves. They Must Not Fear What Lies Ahead Or The Unknown.”

 TIP #3:


This was a major problem area for me and still is in a way, although I have improved in the past year. As a writer, don’t be afraid to share—put what you feel is your best work, out there. Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices, of money especially, to create something that is professional and stands out. And don’t be afraid to make big steps, such as traveling to events, conferences, and other opportunities that arise and are within your reach to achieve your writing goals. Of course when I say do not be afraid to take risks, what I really mean is well thought out and purposeful risks. If you feel in your mind that you must do something in order to move toward reaching your writing goals, that is the type of risks I mean. Not risks that don’t ensure a high likelihood of success or one that risks losing or hindering something of more importance.

Going back to exposing your writing, there may be hesitance for a number of reasons. I had this problem and in some cases still do. One of my reasons was thinking that others would see my writing as silly. However, I learned that my writing is not going to appeal to everyone but at least someone and that is what matters. When it comes to taking risks, evaluate and weigh out your reasons, get feedback from others, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to take them. That is the only way your work will reach others and you will achieve your goals.

2 thoughts on “Finding Success As A Writer: Part 3

  1. I struggle with this. I want to put my book out to book review bloggers, but I get so worried about it. But you won’t get anywhere if you don’t put yourself out there and take that risk.

    Great post!

    1. That is very true about not getting anywhere if you don’t take a risk. I am starting to realize this, but I believe over time, you fear of taking risks diminishes 🙂

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