You Came Back


You Came Back

You came back
On a cool summer day when
the sky was dim with pale sun rays
You came back
As I stood still in a silent room
trying to find warmth
but there was nothing I could do
You came back
As I closed the door
not certain where I would be next
but I sure know what I was looking for
so I began my search for something more
You came back
On a clear black starry night
as I bundled myself in woolen blankets
so tight
In the middle of a summer in July
Yes its crazy but its true
how a summer can be so cool
like an autumn day, but after
years of sweltering heat
I dare not complain

You came back
to my surprise
I thought you forgot me
left me behind with time
but now I know
this was meant to be
you and me
Because you came back

© 2014 C.A. Barnes

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  1. Stop posting on days that I don’t see them. I just found like four I missed! Sheesh. Haha

    • barn7777

       /  July 24, 2014

      I’ll do my best–sometimes the words choose the days they want to be seen–blame them 🙂

      • Okay. Bad words. Stop this. Or I’ll never get to see you. Haha that’s weird. I’m talking to words. Lol

  2. This was really brilliant and I loved the ending to it 🙂


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