Book Review: Revealed By T. Alexander


Revealed by Tamera Alexander

Revealed is the second book in the Fountain Creek Chronicles Series, which is the first book I read from the author and series. The story takes place in the Colorado Territory during the 1800s. The two main characters, Anabelle Grayson and Matthew Taylor, oppose each other, yet they must go on a journey together to claim what is their’s. Matthew’s reasons for disliking Anabelle, his sister-in-law, are due to her tainted past, although he has a past that is tainted as well. Anabelle who is the widow of Matthew’s brother, Jonathan, decides to help Anabelle, who is also pregnant, travel to Colorado to settle on property that was left behind from Jonathan. Matthew has many reasons to help Anabelle despite not being fond of her because of his brother’s land and to escape from his past. But he comes to find that behind every bad past is a story and he knows he cannot run from his.

What I truly like about this book is the realism, the historical accuracy, and the development of the characters–you begin to read the story and get to know the characters and you feel that you are in their world, facing their trials and tribulations. Though this book is part of a series, it stands alone, as all the books that I read from the series and from the author have been. Each book focuses on characters that live in the same environment around the same time but they have their own journey and their own concerns to deal with. Sometimes, as you will find if you read the entire series, characters from different books in the series will cross paths but not necessarily play a significant role in the story.

If I had to describe what type of story this book is in terms of genre, I would say it is a Christian historical romance because the main characters, from all of the author’s books I have read so far, end up being together in some way. As a Christian author, her books are influenced by God, and based on the moral values and beliefs the main characters hold. It is also nice how she does not portray her characters to be perfect—at least one of them has a significant problem or past that is unfavorable. But the author makes a point with these characters: despite their background or past, they find redemption—a new life. God’s love does not discriminate.

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