This poem was inspired by a painting from Monet (I cannot remember the name of the painting, but it was a scene of people lounging and chatting on a colorful spring day) that I saw in an art book. I was interested with the painting because it was so peaceful, bright, and welcoming. It depicted a world that I wanted to be a part of, but felt didn’t really exist now (or at least difficult to find). But this was written for a class assignment and later used for a piano class as an accompanying piece to the instrumental music, Moonlit Shores.


Where’s this place?
Is there such a place
So busy but serene
Seems to know

Where’s the place
That people have the time
To sit beneath the summer trees
You capture all these scenes

Where’s this place
The beauty of nature is here
Even through the storms and pollution
Of busy industries
You seem to know
The places of this world
Where tranquility is found

Where’s the orchard apple trees
The green grasses mixed with yellow, pink, and white flowers
Where’s the lakes and seas shimmering
With the light of the pale blue sky
Where’s the little children playing
Near the glistening ponds and colorful meadows
When evening draws near
Where’s the bright orange sun in the sky
Above the calm, cool, and shining sea
You seem to know
Can you tell me?

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