Artist Sanctuary

water beads

Artist Sanctuary

A path of light shines
In this safe and secret place
Hidden from all my fears
To some, it may sound strange

No one seems to understand
Why I love it here, but me
It is here
After my toiling hours
Where I am free
It is here
Where I  can dream

In colors of vibrant blues and greens
Suddenly what was miniscule
Becomes cascading seas

Layers of circles in muted browns
Speckled with pure and opal white
Becomes shimmering stones
In clear daylight

Lines mingle in lavenders, pinks, and blues
Far above creating an ethereal view
Providing the backdrop of a place I wish I knew

I do not plan to leave this sanctuary
It is the only place
Where I am free
To create, to see, to dream
To truly be, me…

Though no one seems to understand
Why I love it here, but me
If only they would step inside
Maybe then they would see
That there are no others
That can compare
To this special place
That I’m glad to bear

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  1. This describes it perfectly! Great piece 🙂

  2. barn7777

     /  May 15, 2014

    I agree with you Harliqueen–thank you so much for commenting!


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