Your Struggle

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Going back to my early days as a writer, this is a poem written during my time in college. I don’t remember or know the name of this type of poem, if there is a name, but it is a poem that contains 5 keys words (which were selected at random by another student). These words must be used at the end of each sentence in each section of the poem. They must not be repeated in a section. The challenge is to accomplish this while creating a poem that makes sense. The words I received were struggle, room, questions, eyes, knives, and growth. With these words, I immediately felt that the poem I create would be a somber one, but in the end I felt it has a positive ending or message hidden within it.

*The message I was trying to get across in this poem was the purpose of one’s struggle, which is to grow and hopefully, as a person, become stronger and maybe even wiser.

Your Struggle

If you would understand your struggle
There would be no more room
Left, for pondering questions.
You would see the answers in your eyes
When you look at reflection of knives
Of how you have grown.

You would see the growth
You have experienced through your struggle.
The triumphs and victories, that even eyes
Could not break. The doors and rooms
That span farther than eyes    –failed
Can see. The questions

Answered. If you had ever questioned
Your growth,
Then your eyes
Have not told you, your struggle.
Then you must have kept it in a room
And locked it, with bars of knives.

If you would break those bars of knives
You could find the answers to questions
That have been locked in this room.
Then you would see your growth
And end the struggle
Seeing the answers with your own eyes.

You would see with your eyes
What reflections of knives
Have tried to show of your struggle.
You would see the growth
That would answer your questions
And give you more room.

Freed from misery and no room
That your eyes have failed to see, your growth
Would be revealed, like reflection of knives.
All of your answered questions
Would lead you to understand your struggle

Spanning farther than the room
Chosen to be locked, with unmasked eyes
You would see the answers, are your growth.

11 thoughts on “Your Struggle

    1. Thank you Harliqueen–looking back, I am surprise I was able to achieve that (mostly) while making sense 🙂

    1. Thank you! It was challenging in trying to stay true to the structure and have the poem make sense. I’m glad you like it 🙂

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