Wise Turtle

2012 073

This picture was taken at a zoo and, to me, this metal sculpture stood out in a powerful way. It is not all that big, most likely 2 or 3 feet long and 2 feet high, from what I remember, but it commanded my attention once I saw it. It symbolizes to me, wisdom and strength, as I had always thought about turtles. Like the classic tale of the turtle and the hare, turtles seem not to be in any hurry to get somewhere or accomplish a goal. They know eventually they will and take their time, almost for the sake of not making any major mistakes. I think we should aspire to think like turtles, be like turtles—take our time to reach our goals, being cautious in not making any major mistakes. Ultimately we need not worry—if we believe in the goal or goals we are pursuing, we will get there and achieve them.

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